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Hrvoje Design was founded in 2004 with a primary goal to offer cutting edge graphics services to architects, designers, and anyone in need of a impresive 3D. Back in 2004. the strugle was to make your harware follow your software. So many ideas and so little hardware power to make them happen. That lead to a steep learning curve for optimisation of 3D scenes, learning great tricks to make heavy and detailed scenes render in normal time, and in general making great 3D today. Often our work can be the tipping point in clients desicion to hire the architects we work for.

List of our clients:

  • BuiltIN Studio - Brooklyn, New York, USA

  • Nielsen Bouwprojecten - Gent, Belgium 

  • GHT Plan - Graz, Austria 

  • Poseidon Undersea Resort - USA

  • Lea Coret Arhitektura - Zagreb, Croatia

  • Studio Mundi - Zagreb, Croatia

  • Mucić & Co. - Zagreb, Croatia

  • MSFG - Zagreb, Croatia

  • Martin Pohl - Zagreb, Croatia

  • Mirta Mujačić Đaković - Zagreb, Croatia

Companies long history involves not many different architects but an incredible amount of projects. It started with Mrs. Lea Korejzl, a Croatian architect who worked in Paris. When she came back from Paris she needed someone to continue providing her with high quality 3D visualizations. The work impressed her and she saw it to be even beyond the quality she had. Photo realism opened new possibilities for her. We started to work on luxury penthouse suites, house exteriors; we did a set for Croatian soap opera, etc.

Pol Scheerlinck, a real estate investor from Belgium, saw our work online, and realized how we always put an extra twist to visualizations. That was our first long distance work back in 2004. We did several exteriors of business buildings. Since he also owned a company that sells luxury glasses called Korloff (a Paris based brand), he hired us to design several new frames for his new line of glasses. He presented them on Silmo show in Paris in 2004. They were greatly accepted by his clients. That was the first success of Hrvoje Design consumer products.

In 2007. we designed several units of furniture, and started production of several coffee tables that are still being sold in Croatian luxury furniture stores Somec, and Pe-ni casa. It was surprising how well they were selling since this was a completely new brand to our market, and these coffee tables were selling for 1000€ each!

In the beginning of 2008. we received, the most exciting project - to design interiors of the first undersea hotel - Poseidon Undersea Resort. The project managers already had some graphic company doing 3D for them, but we showed them how we do 3D, and they immediately wanted us to design and then make 3D of their hotel. We closely worked with Mr. L. Bruce Jones, and Mr. Michael Shutte.

Client list expanded through the years adding Mucić & Co, Studio Mundi, and recently in 2011. an Austrian based investor Gerald Höllinger from GHT Plan GmbH. We entered several local competitions with mr. Höllinger including a Badel city block competition in Zagreb, and one in Unska.

Since most of my designs are registered at State Intellectual Property Office of the Republic Of Croatia, I was recognized by them, so my designs were displayed at their exhibition "Creativity and innovation 2009".


One of our local TV stations Net TV did a report on our 3D visualizations, and dizajn in a show about interiors called Moj dom.